The Claremont

• Owner/Developer:
West Side Federation for Senior & Supportive Housing
• Architect:
SLCE Architects, LLP
• Address:
1421 College Avenue, Bronx NY
• Role:
General Contractor
• GC Contract:
• Program:
Senior and affordable multifamily
• Units:
• Completion:

The Claremont on College Avenue is an affordable housing development in the Bronx that meets the community’s vision of an “ideal” adult residential care community. The Claremont included all of the positive qualities of the current adult home structure, and yet added a sense of greater dignity and freedom to its residents.

The Claremont has two components, including 24 units of family housing with its own entrance and a second building with 90 units of supportive congregate housing.  The Supportive Congregate Housing at the Claremont is dedicated serving 90 low income residents, ages 50 years and older, many of whom have been previously homeless. All the residents at the Claremont have their own individual private room, with modified kitchenette and private bath. A voluntary meal program takes place five days a week in a congregate dining room and residents are encouraged to take part in activities in the greater community.